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Voice Unlimited started with an interest in computers, beginning in 1976. Using a Sperry/Univac Model 33 Teletype, with paper tape memory, networked to Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium MECC via an acoustic coupler (phone/modem), at Byron High School, the very first networked computing was performed!

The Model 33 was a noisy device, and it communicated with the mainframe at the incredible rate of 10 characters per second! It featured no monitor, but had a paper roll on which it printed the typed characters.

From those humble beginnings, a career in broadcast radio was then selected and, in 1981, KRPR-FM KRCH-FM and KWEB-AM were the training grounds for voice talent. Since then, KROC-AM and KROC-FM, WIZM-FM and KNLW-FM radio stations, as well as KTTC-TV, KXLT-TV and WGEM-TV have used this voice for commercials, public-service announcements and even live/remote-broadcasts.

Many non-broadcast clients have utilized Voice Unlimited's voice services, including Mayo Clinic, American Society of Anesthesiologists, Family Fun Center (Rochester,) and more.

Graphic design was a natural extension of a Sales career and, in 1992, applications such as Pagemaker, Photoshop and Quark were mastered. Continuing education in Graphic Design assures professional results.

In 1993, a subscription to the online service Delphi meant the very first social media connection for Voice Unlimited. Creating web site pages came next, in 1995, as the commercial part of the Internet was beginning to flourish. We even helped test the original version of MSNBC for NBC and Microsoft, in 1996, as one of only two national beta-test sites in the entire U.S.!

Media continues to evolve, and Voice Unlimited continues to monitor these changes to stay ahead of emerging trends.

For general questions: ferb@voiceunlimited.com

For Sales questions: sales@voiceunlimited.com


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